Daft Punk - Epilogue

Опубліковано 22 лют 2021
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Daft Punk
Daft Punk
  • Supri


    4 години тому

    Cual es la canción que suena al final?

  • Radio Apache

    Radio Apache

    4 години тому

    one of his songs was what made me and my mother happy thanks guys rest they did a lot for us;)

  • racerx3065


    4 години тому

    Does only one of them blowing up symbolize anything?

  • Russian Crocodile

    Russian Crocodile

    4 години тому

    Ну что ж прощай...

  • Kiru 1-88

    Kiru 1-88

    4 години тому

    Let's start an Around The World chain

  • nehir ucak

    nehir ucak

    4 години тому


  • Mr Bandit

    Mr Bandit

    4 години тому

    Thank you for the music.

  • Amy Lou

    Amy Lou

    4 години тому

    At 41 years old this saddens me but you were the main influence on my music choices. Throughout my dance and clubbing days you were always there. You shall always remain on my playlist!! Thank you for amazing memories ❤❤

  • The Xig

    The Xig

    4 години тому

    Stronger, faster, better, èternal...

  • Vincenzo Pagliarulo

    Vincenzo Pagliarulo

    4 години тому

    This hit and felt like the last episode of Breaking Bad

  • Juan Plata

    Juan Plata

    4 години тому

  • milky


    4 години тому

    These guys were my childhood I’ll miss you forever but I’m happy they’re happy 😊

  • FableMate


    4 години тому

    What an amazing thing they brought to this world, may their music live on forever.

  • Jany Campos

    Jany Campos

    4 години тому

    😞 gracias, con mi hijo disfrutamos mucho su música, se les extrañará

  • retro gamer

    retro gamer

    4 години тому

    its a new beginning and not the end

  • thareima chandam

    thareima chandam

    4 години тому

    The music makes me feel like crying even more.

  • Jorgito Ruartes

    Jorgito Ruartes

    4 години тому

    im not crying u are crying :c
    we love u

  • tangent ciel

    tangent ciel

    4 години тому

    Alive 1997 forever and ever, merci !!!!

  • marceliopti1


    4 години тому

    Big F

  • Prince Baptiste

    Prince Baptiste

    4 години тому

    I can’t believe it

  • Julia Fetty

    Julia Fetty

    4 години тому

    Thank you. You rocked our world.

  • Hwasoo Lee

    Hwasoo Lee

    4 години тому

    Goodbye friends, We'll miss you

  • Daniel Diaz

    Daniel Diaz

    4 години тому

    Goodbye my old friend, you will be missed but not forgotten

  • Olejua 0902

    Olejua 0902

    4 години тому

    Los extrañaremos :') gracias por todo

  • Ali Kemal Do

    Ali Kemal Do

    4 години тому

    Take care yourself! 🙋🏻‍♂️🙂

  • Giovanny Morales

    Giovanny Morales

    4 години тому

    Where one story ends another one will begin. Goodbye Daft Punk, may your music touch the stars as it has touched our hearts.

  • Louis Scheffler

    Louis Scheffler

    4 години тому

    Legends be never forgotten🙏



    4 години тому

    Goodbye, Daft Punk, we will miss you

  • lionel Alexander Acosta osorio

    lionel Alexander Acosta osorio

    4 години тому

    😱😢😢😢😢😭 noooooooooo gracias por todo 😩😞

  • Softy Cloud

    Softy Cloud

    4 години тому

    Nunca pensé que algún día se iba a acabar :(( se extrañará su musica, fueron y serán un gran grupo ❤️

  • Rafael Metadeth

    Rafael Metadeth

    4 години тому

    Robots regresando a Marte 🤖🛸

  • Roy Cardenas

    Roy Cardenas

    4 години тому

    So which one was daft and which one was punk?

  • Zarus P

    Zarus P

    4 години тому

    will stay in our memories

  • ppkmoby


    4 години тому

    Θα μας λείψετε..πραγματικά

  • MrMpalakis


    4 години тому

    Thank you for the trip guys!

  • Bautista Serrano

    Bautista Serrano

    4 години тому


  • Aleksus


    4 години тому

    plis give us alive 2027

  • Carbone Alessio

    Carbone Alessio

    4 години тому

    Y'a eu un avant / après Beatles
    Y'a eu un avant / après Michael Jackson avec Thriller
    Y'a eu un avant / après Daft Punk avec Homework.
    Dans la légende vous resterez.
    Respect total pour vos œuvres les mecs

  • alejavitomy


    4 години тому




    4 години тому

    Vcs n fora lendas em um só pais mas sim no mundo todo, espero representar os brasileiros falando isso

  • Shanzy Brooker

    Shanzy Brooker

    4 години тому

    Daft Punk's split up is a SINNNNN TO ALL MUSIC!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Daiktar


    4 години тому


  • Anıl Kaynar

    Anıl Kaynar

    4 години тому

    Nice greek video 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

  • Alexis_Alain12


    4 години тому

    Daft Punk Forever!!!!!

  • Kole Slaw

    Kole Slaw

    4 години тому

    At least we still have Kraft Punk :'(

  • Amina Khalida Drif

    Amina Khalida Drif

    4 години тому

    Nonnnnnnn 😭😭😭

    • Fohax


      4 години тому

      C'etaut un peu evident vu leur activité

  • Fohax


    4 години тому

    Vous etes et resterez la fierté de la Nation

  • Arianah Jennings

    Arianah Jennings

    4 години тому


  • Sarah Sulton

    Sarah Sulton

    4 години тому


  • BKing


    4 години тому

    When I thought 2020 is over and 2021 will be better :(

  • João Vitor

    João Vitor

    4 години тому

    Rest in Peace. Descanse em paz.

  • Michael Meadows

    Michael Meadows

    4 години тому

    Gutted - but you got to do what you got to do -stay safe

  • Joannot


    4 години тому

    I'm not crying, you are crying

  • Samuel DURIS

    Samuel DURIS

    4 години тому


  • Endy 229

    Endy 229

    4 години тому

    Goodbye, perhaps forever. I really hope that people will think about you even after many years, when those two helmets that you wore will be somewhere lying and gathering dust

  • Goliath Xanatos

    Goliath Xanatos

    4 години тому

    This is basically Daft Punk’s version of the Unnus Annus final livestream where everything ends.
    Memento Mori Daft Punk.

  • Fran


    4 години тому

    so much respect and love and gratitude for you two x

  • samesu766 white

    samesu766 white

    4 години тому

    Thank you, daft punk, for making my childhood special.

  • Marcelo Brilhante

    Marcelo Brilhante

    4 години тому


  • Brandon Lugo-Flores

    Brandon Lugo-Flores

    4 години тому


  • Mateus Cadelca

    Mateus Cadelca

    4 години тому

    thank you Daft Punk for all the good moments provided
    Thank you for everything 🇧🇷

  • my cup of tea

    my cup of tea

    4 години тому


  • Hughs R

    Hughs R

    4 години тому


  • Hudzy :]

    Hudzy :]

    4 години тому

    Daft punk, I was introduced to you when I was young and it is sad to see you guys end but you will be known as musical legends, RIP

  • Rocio Vazquez Rodriguez

    Rocio Vazquez Rodriguez

    4 години тому


  • Cyr Ri

    Cyr Ri

    4 години тому


  • luca spinnato

    luca spinnato

    4 години тому


  • Marv Nicolas

    Marv Nicolas

    4 години тому

    thank you ! from the bottom of my heart ! pure legends !

  • Dj Moderno

    Dj Moderno

    4 години тому

    Thank you so much! Amazing trip

  • I’m Pokie

    I’m Pokie

    4 години тому

    Goodbye my friend.

  • Bandit Roger

    Bandit Roger

    4 години тому

    Why they are split up?

  • Silesia Gameplay

    Silesia Gameplay

    4 години тому

    Thank you guys for all this awesome time what we have with you both.

  • Enzo Bellanger

    Enzo Bellanger

    4 години тому

    a jamais de nos coeur 🤖🤖🤧😭😭😭

  • Jean Ehya

    Jean Ehya

    4 години тому

    Thanks for the music and the memories, forever and always 🤖 👽

  • Alejandro Quintela Iannone

    Alejandro Quintela Iannone

    4 години тому

    Gracias por tanta belleza muchachos. Sus canciones acompañarán nuestras vidas en casa uno de sus momentos. Siempre me harán volver a la adolescencia como un túnel del tiempo. Gracias por tener tanta sensibilidad. Los abrazo

  • Verge RR

    Verge RR

    4 години тому

    Y'all i get you like their music but they haven't released an album in 8 years like this aint a new thing

  • Leon Plou

    Leon Plou

    4 години тому


  • Ryan DiFulgo

    Ryan DiFulgo

    4 години тому

    Grew up listening to daft punk, so sad to know that I'll never have new music of theirs to listen to. I've always loved their style and how unique it is. Nobody will ever be able to replicate their masterpieces.

  • Önder Balcı

    Önder Balcı

    4 години тому

    Thanks for everything legends

  • Febhoy Reyes

    Febhoy Reyes

    4 години тому


  • AlvaroC56


    4 години тому


  • Nodar's Secret

    Nodar's Secret

    4 години тому


  • Waffle Becg

    Waffle Becg

    5 годин тому

    I honestly feel let down. Electroma, really? Not even final new appearance. You guys have gave us nothing for years on end. As a big supporter that hurt.

  • Unusual Stuff

    Unusual Stuff

    5 годин тому

    What was this vedio all about?

  • Adam Bauman

    Adam Bauman

    5 годин тому

    RIP Daft Punk

  • RafaleKilleR


    5 годин тому

    I thought that 2020 was the worst and now it gets even worth. 😭

  • Monika la rocker

    Monika la rocker

    5 годин тому

    This is beyond painful to watch...😪

  • 123life87 Tree

    123life87 Tree

    5 годин тому

    “Like the legend of the Phoenix.”
    Daft Punk- Get Lucky.

  • Scatt000


    5 годин тому

    Dziękujemy ❤

  • william read

    william read

    5 годин тому

    Please come back, we need you more than ever

  • Firefly miesumae

    Firefly miesumae

    5 годин тому

    We'll never forget you Daft punk. Perhaps in the future your descendants will rise again...

  • Seth Pferdner

    Seth Pferdner

    5 годин тому

    1:45 the clouds on the helmet thing be like

  • Matheus Ramos

    Matheus Ramos

    5 годин тому

    Jamais esqueceremos ♡

  • chopstix102


    5 годин тому

    Ok was it just me or was there news somewhere about one of the daft punk members dying of cancer

  • ΔDark EyesΔTM

    ΔDark EyesΔTM

    5 годин тому

    thank you guys for making my favorite music

  • Avery Little

    Avery Little

    5 годин тому

    Girls: He didn't cry during Titanic? Has he even experienced sadness?

  • skid and pump

    skid and pump

    5 годин тому

    goodbye , rest in peace

  • Mag Frst

    Mag Frst

    5 годин тому

    Love u to the moon and back 💫,
    Trop d'émotions là 🤲🏼😢.
    Daft Punk sera pour toujours dans nos coeurs et nos oreilles 🎶🎹🎧 💯💕

  • Rebecca Rios

    Rebecca Rios

    5 годин тому

    La leyenda continuará con su legado. Muchas gracias y hasta siempre Daft Punk ✨

  • 손케빈


    5 годин тому

    Why am i crying?
    Thank you