Pop Smoke ft. Quavo - Aim For The Moon (Official Music Video) ft. Quavo

Опубліковано 26 жов 2020
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Director: Oliver Cannon
EP: Harrison Corwin + Grant Curatola
DP: Ben Carey
Editor: Graham Patterson
[Intro: Pop Smoke]
Yeah, haha
Shoot for the stars, aim (Woo) for the moon
You ain't cool (I'm feelin' treeshy), 'til I say you cool Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah (Oh), yeah, yeah (I'm on Venus)
Yeah, yeah, yeah (
Yeah, yeah, are you dumb? Look (Ooh)
Verse 1:
You don't know what you started, I pop a Perc', go retarded I got the drip, it came straight from the faucet
Mr. Dior Dior, they know where it started, yeah (Oh)
She wanna Netflix and chill, fuck off the pill
Go in the store, shop at Dior (Oh)
Come to my crib, take all my shirts
Pop all my Percs and sleep in my drawers
You talkin' too much, baby, pour up a four
We both bust a nut, now leave me alone
When we at Miami, we stay at the Mondrian (Oh) We pull up to Liv in the Cullinan
Welcome her to the party, the after party’s after party (Oh) Then party again
A hundred bitches, hardly any men (Oh)
In my room is where the party begin
Let's take a flight to Bora Bora, it's time to catch a tan, look
It’s still free all my niggas that's sittin’ there stuck up in the jam (Free all my niggas, yeah)
I could show you how to vibe but I can't be ya man, yeah, uh
No, no, no, yeah
Shoot for the stars (Shoot, shoot, shoot)
Aim for the moon (For the moon)
You ain't cool (You ain't cool), 'til I say you cool Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah (Skrrt skrrt), yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah (Skrrt skrrt), yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah)
Yeah, yeah (Skrrt skrrt), yeah, yeah
[Verse 2: Quavo]
Yeah, Pop Smoke the woo (Pop)
I play with the check and it's blue (Blue)
We mobbin' then tyin', no shoot (Tie)
You play with the group we gon' shoot (Shoot) He in Dior, I'm in Prada (Prada)
We rich, we came from the bottom (Rich)
I'm a Migo, I feel like a doctor (Migo)
Goin' surgical with the new chopper (Grrra)
Five hundred thousand, I'm in flex mode (Yeah)
We got all the work, we make your trap close (Trap) Gang havin' loyalty, we ten toes (Ten)
Nah, nobody givin' up why would the gang fold? (Yeah)
We outside, we totin' them bangers, we not shootin' at strangers (We outside)
Say what you wanna say, long as it ain't us 'cause my niggas gon' hang ya
Look at them young niggas goin' crazy, crazy
Man, them niggas too dangerous (Crazy)
We gonna make 'em famous, the beautiful country, got stars and bangers (Stars)
[Chorus: Pop Smoke with Quavo]
Shoot for the stars, aim for the moon You ain't cool 'til I say you cool
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
#PopSmoke #SFTSAFTM #AimForTheMoon
Music video by Pop Smoke performing Aim For The Moon. Victor Victor Worldwide; © 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. & Victor Victor Worldwide

  • Teezy


    3 години тому

    The kids lowkey did how Pop and Quavo really would’ve for the vid 😂

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    Nico Don

    9 годин тому

    Pop smoke's son

  • Naomi Hunter

    Naomi Hunter

    10 годин тому

    I dont know why i did not see this but im about to cry cause pop was my everything who the one who made me start music and im also nine i just want to say RIP and i love u u will allways be in my heart

  • ZZ Witdaboyz

    ZZ Witdaboyz

    11 годин тому

    Can we just talk about that one line “I can show u how to vibe but I can’t be ya man.” Gawd dayum rip woo 💫💫💫💫

  • rachid benabbi

    rachid benabbi

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    Andrew Collis

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    The bread is dry wtf ?

  • Beatrice B

    Beatrice B

    15 годин тому

    can someone tell me whats the brand of the soe i cant see its blurred
    rip pope

  • Trent G

    Trent G

    17 годин тому

    Lil man hit the switch hard asf @0.58

  • king key

    king key

    18 годин тому

    thanks a lot Quavo for honoring POP...REST IN ETERNAL PEACE.

  • Kiran Nemane

    Kiran Nemane

    21 годину тому

    How I felt when I was home alone:

  • Jordy Puga

    Jordy Puga

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    [Will i am Xz]

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    Fire 👌🏻🔥

  • Ethan Marinfa

    Ethan Marinfa

    23 години тому

    They killed him because his he was going to a billionare the legend pop smoke

  • golden bill

    golden bill

    День тому

    Aim to the moon even u miss u will be on the stars pop smoke

  • D-MAK Productions

    D-MAK Productions

    День тому

    Nice, you talk about some tough talking points in the video production space! We like what you do, don't stop. Anytime you are in Scottsdale reach out. If you can, DM us @dmakproductions on Instagram and we can chat. You do really great work.

  • Utat Dafa

    Utat Dafa

    День тому

    that inflatable has more money than my bank account

  • Super Minion

    Super Minion

    День тому

    Pop Smoke Was A Good Rapper why Did he die RIP POP SMOKE If he didn’t die he could made a Album With Quavo

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    U guys don’t no the kid his name is Bouba Savage

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    Drippy Salim Gamer

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    Only ogs know the kid who was in the video. Bouba savage was lived in the same building as me!

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    Ice Break Music

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    wtf this shit is so underrated imma come back to this like 5 years later and vibe so hard

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      I'm reading all the comments and yours was the best lol funny my guy

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    Me when I call my bro:

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  • lilgrownN


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    What a waste , this gun crime shit has to stop , tooo much of it , too much of wasted talents gone toooo soon R.I.P POP SMOKE 20 years old and gone , still a growing baby , and gone !!! I am so sad listening to your song " Aim for the moon " R.I.P young soul !

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    Lil HQ

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    Quavo and pop smoke JR won’t be comfortable at school after this Vid

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      @Marianita Garcia lol

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      Marianita Garcia

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    Sponsered by: beats

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    This video is totally racist



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  • Amber Johnson

    Amber Johnson

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    Rapper ??

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  • UnknownCuddly


    5 днів тому

    Me: hey pop smoke what can kids do to get good grades
    Pop smoke: Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon

    • UnknownCuddly


      День тому


    • King Capricorn

      King Capricorn

      2 дні тому

      UnknownCuddly like you wouldn't do the same in that scenario

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      @Leonard Deschamps no I don’t listen to snitches

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    Yo what's good, you tired of fighting depression, anxiety and pain ? Check out my Instagram page "maison_gilmore.007" or just get to me
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