Kylie Jenner: Grinch Cupcakes with Stormi

Опубліковано 19 лис 2020
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In celebration of my KYLIE X GRINCH collection launching today, Stormi and I made Grinch cupcakes!
Shop my limited edition Grinch holiday collection at today at 3pm PST

Kylie Jenner
  • Nasho boba

    Nasho boba

    33 секунди тому

    Thank god they didn't spill the vanilla again

  • 24. Akshata

    24. Akshata

    25 хвилин тому

    I am only here to see Stormi lol.

  • cass medrano

    cass medrano

    27 хвилин тому

    u know kylie is rich asf when her vids does'nt have ads

  • Faithann Quimby

    Faithann Quimby

    40 хвилин тому

    When She said ur so beautiful my heart melted

  • umaira nasir

    umaira nasir

    Годину тому

    my heart just smiled watching kylie and stormi

  • Shhh688 Hhfuj

    Shhh688 Hhfuj

    Годину тому

    23 year old great mom
    Ilove you kylie you are great mom great personality

  • Tia Hussain

    Tia Hussain

    Годину тому

    Kylie is such a good Mum

  • viii


    Годину тому

    Everyone wants a friend like stormi ❤️

  • viii


    Годину тому

    Stormi saying "thank you mommy" "i love u so much" "you so beautiful" 😭❤️ she's so precious

  • Arianators Forever

    Arianators Forever

    Годину тому

    Stormi is so cute ♡︎🥺

  • Alicia Ulibarri

    Alicia Ulibarri

    Годину тому

    $AliciaLaRaeUlibarri trying to go to law school and get edumucated!

  • janira


    Годину тому

    “You’re so beautiful” 🥺

  • a l i n a kle

    a l i n a kle

    Годину тому

    Stormi is soooooo cute🥰🥺💕

  • Recipes & Vlogs With Nawal

    Recipes & Vlogs With Nawal

    2 години тому

    😍😍 so cute i made Christmas popcorn on my channel check it out

  • MABs GamerZ

    MABs GamerZ

    2 години тому


  • Whitney H

    Whitney H

    2 години тому

    That bebe is precious

  • roze grande

    roze grande

    2 години тому

    kylie is raising her so well 🥺

  • Led Tier

    Led Tier

    3 години тому

    you have to feel sad for stormi
    her dad has left the family
    her mom is filled with plastic
    i wish i could adopt her and at least give her a good life 🥺

  • Piyu Sarkar

    Piyu Sarkar

    3 години тому

    I know many people are really over critical about kylie.. but man she is such a good mom and that reflects on stormi



    3 години тому


  • Amal Katoue

    Amal Katoue

    3 години тому

    Wtf how cute

  • Ramesh Kaur

    Ramesh Kaur

    3 години тому

    Stormi is a cutie pie

  • Afra Khalifa

    Afra Khalifa

    3 години тому

    Cute little Christmas idea I think Stormie loved this Christmas ❤️

  • Fanta bara

    Fanta bara

    3 години тому

    Just want her to go back with Travis🥺



    3 години тому

    Out of all KUWTK kids...Stormi is the cutest🥺🥺🤗♥️♥️♥️♥️ i love her so much!

  • thick pickle

    thick pickle

    4 години тому

    kylie might not be the best human but she is one of the best mothers and one i hope to be when i’m older

  • Devi Vionita Phang

    Devi Vionita Phang

    4 години тому

    Gemes Stormy🥰

  • jojofr30


    4 години тому

  • chahak bawra

    chahak bawra

    4 години тому

    Plz share your Thanksgiving celebration with us
    Hit a Like those who agree 👇

  • Nayleen Roque

    Nayleen Roque

    4 години тому

    Next make up set hot cheetos collect

  • Irfan Khan

    Irfan Khan

    5 годин тому

    Kylie is soo beautiful😍

  • Kari Hari

    Kari Hari

    5 годин тому

  • Mariel Sofía

    Mariel Sofía

    5 годин тому


  • Giovanna Silva

    Giovanna Silva

    5 годин тому


  • Luz Valeria Bello Medina

    Luz Valeria Bello Medina

    5 годин тому

    Keyli may voy vota hwj

  • United Talent Agency

    United Talent Agency

    6 годин тому

    I have personally met Kylie she is one of the nicest human being I have ever met.if you want to bask her go ahead but remember there somebody out there named Karma and she’s a real bitch.

  • Mirta Cardozo

    Mirta Cardozo

    6 годин тому

    This is so adorable omg they are so pretty 😍😍😍

  • Sarah Edelweis

    Sarah Edelweis

    6 годин тому

    Stormi she is like Selena Gomes

  • Lily Diary

    Lily Diary

    6 годин тому

    So cute you baby Kylia jenner❤🌼omg amazing you

  • Jay Genciane

    Jay Genciane

    6 годин тому

    the way stormi said "thank you mommy" that really melted my heart she soooo cuteee

  • Ximena Barragan

    Ximena Barragan

    6 годин тому

    Estorm8 párese otro

  • Nohemí Leyva escobar

    Nohemí Leyva escobar

    6 годин тому

    Eres muy linda con tu hija

  • Jane Dale

    Jane Dale

    6 годин тому

    “Thank you momy” 🥺 so freakin sweet

  • Ellie Rumsey

    Ellie Rumsey

    6 годин тому

    trying so hard not to engage with big celebrity stuff but i give in for this amazing baby

  • ʂɾιυʅιɳα


    6 годин тому

  • GOLD 'N' SOUL Films

    GOLD 'N' SOUL Films

    6 годин тому coming soon stay tuned

  • ruth sarai rios valdivia

    ruth sarai rios valdivia

    7 годин тому

    La verdad que Stormi es una niña adorable y con buenos modales . Kylie está haciendo un buen trabajo como mamá .💕

  • A M

    A M

    7 годин тому

    Wow😘 So, sweet bonding.
    Dear Kylie, pls help me with my start up business. Please lend me only 4000usd. Please?🙁 I am planning to start a Burger business restaurant.
    Here's my paypal account:
    I Love You Kylie.🌻🌹🌷

  • Mano do Céu!

    Mano do Céu!

    7 годин тому

    Ai gente, como pode ser tão fofinha?

  • Liza Subedi

    Liza Subedi

    7 годин тому

    Kylie is rich asf she doesn't even needs ads lmao

    • soso mar5

      soso mar5

      7 годин тому

      Hi, subscribe to Hi Girl. We want to deliver it to a million before her

    • soso mar5

      soso mar5

      7 годин тому

      Hi, subscribe to Hi Girl. We want to deliver it to a million before her

  • Mini k 47 - H.T.O.D

    Mini k 47 - H.T.O.D

    7 годин тому


  • Mini k 47 - H.T.O.D

    Mini k 47 - H.T.O.D

    7 годин тому

    Reggae mixtape here

  • Isayris Hinojosa

    Isayris Hinojosa

    7 годин тому

    Stormi is the fucken cutest😭😭😭😭

    • soso mar5

      soso mar5

      7 годин тому

      Hi, subscribe to Hi Girl. We want to deliver it to a million before her

  • Celestina 1688

    Celestina 1688

    7 годин тому

    Cutie Stormi😍

    • soso mar5

      soso mar5

      7 годин тому

      Hi, subscribe to Hi Girl. We want to deliver it to a million before her

  • azrael buzz

    azrael buzz

    8 годин тому

    I like Stormi, she's smart , sweet , respectful and cute. Praying she grow up healthy and decent woman / respected lady.

  • welcome vibes

    welcome vibes

    8 годин тому

    The comments are so sweeeet

  • Tra S

    Tra S

    8 годин тому

    Stormie is just too much cuteness..and so bright...goid job kylie

  • Chiara Pandolfi

    Chiara Pandolfi

    8 годин тому

    Stormi: “You’re so beautiful” me: *heart melts*

  • Isabella Riguzzi

    Isabella Riguzzi

    8 годин тому

    protect stormi forever. her heart is so pure

  • Fuck Off.

    Fuck Off.

    8 годин тому

    If Stormi isn't the future president of the world we have failed as gen z.

  • Queen_Livyia_Playz Roblox

    Queen_Livyia_Playz Roblox

    8 годин тому

    Ty mommy

  • Juan Antonio Delgado Garcia

    Juan Antonio Delgado Garcia

    8 годин тому

    Omg love

  • Zoyla Jaimes

    Zoyla Jaimes

    9 годин тому

    Stormi es adorable
    I lovee you kylie

  • eghali achumi

    eghali achumi

    9 годин тому

    This is so adorable favorite person ...

  • Andresa Pereira

    Andresa Pereira

    9 годин тому

    Essa menina é muito linda princesa 😍😍😍😍😍



    9 годин тому

    Literally to the 1% who's reading this may your Parents live more than 100 years with good health

  • Anggun Nilam Cahya

    Anggun Nilam Cahya

    9 годин тому

    guess the vanilla spill tradition already over

  • Umbreen Awais

    Umbreen Awais

    9 годин тому

    Stormi is just the cutest and the sweetest always complimenting her mommy she is so well brought up love the baking videos the bond between a mother and daughter love you guys both beautiful as always keep the videos caming congratulations Kylie too for all your hard work and for your new palette love you both loads hugs and kisses ♥💜😘😘

  • Juan Ignacio Echeverri

    Juan Ignacio Echeverri

    9 годин тому


  • Koa Mathis

    Koa Mathis

    9 годин тому

    Y storming have better manners than me lol

  • Taylor Gill

    Taylor Gill

    9 годин тому

    She such a good mommy ❤️

  • Angelo Salonga

    Angelo Salonga

    9 годин тому

    why did you broke up with Travis

  • Julsss618


    9 годин тому

    This girl is meant to be a mom. So patient, and takes the time to explain everything so calmly to her.

  • Gab


    9 годин тому

    *I hope when she grows up, she would put up a baking business dedicated to her mom Kylie* 🥺

  • Micah B

    Micah B

    10 годин тому

    I love their videos so so much!!!!

  • Andrea Cardenas

    Andrea Cardenas

    10 годин тому

    Stormi is so cute and so well mannered 🥺

  • Sophie’s Stop

    Sophie’s Stop

    10 годин тому

    Hey guys if you can please subscribe!!! I will post 2 to 3 times a week:) my channel will consist of so many different things as an average teen so if you can please take a few seconds to subscribe♡

  • Starz Clappz-

    Starz Clappz-

    10 годин тому

    I miss Kylie and Travis Scott

  • skies_ R6S

    skies_ R6S

    10 годин тому

    Do not put kylie in the ocean.! Plastic is not safe for the fish in the sea.

  • Scarlett Durán

    Scarlett Durán

    10 годин тому

    I high-key wish Kylie was my mom lmao I'm a 26 year old machine learning researcher LOL

  • Kimberly Origenes

    Kimberly Origenes

    10 годин тому

    Polite baby stormi😌

  • tamara :3 uwu lopez michea

    tamara :3 uwu lopez michea

    10 годин тому

    L o v e y o u 🥰🤍🥺

  • Scarlett Durán

    Scarlett Durán

    10 годин тому

    Just let me go cry in a corner T.T Kylie + Stormi are my guilty pleasure :0

  • Vanessa Ditucalan

    Vanessa Ditucalan

    10 годин тому


  • Shyannee


    10 годин тому

    I love that Stormi is sweet and has manners and doesn’t act like a brat like most kids that come from wealthy families.

  • Oussama meskni

    Oussama meskni

    11 годин тому

    أتمنى أن تدعموني في قنتي على اليوتيوب

  • ali july4th

    ali july4th

    11 годин тому

    Her hair is so beautiful and healthy

  • Flexi_da_boy999 x

    Flexi_da_boy999 x

    11 годин тому

    Awwww so adorable 😍stromi is the cutest

  • Michael Hunt

    Michael Hunt

    11 годин тому

    Hey baby 💓I am seeking for a loyal baby to spoil and take care of her bills 💵 then pay her weekly allowance of $1500❤ no sex or nudes pictures required DM me on WhatsApp+1(415)754-9019

  • Carol Dias

    Carol Dias

    11 годин тому

    Toró é muito educada mds

  • JDMRedSus


    11 годин тому

    I wish I could meet Kylie soon she is the best🥺

  • Tina Nguyen

    Tina Nguyen

    11 годин тому

    Omg she is the cutest 😭 my hormones can’t handle

  • Tiktok Mashup

    Tiktok Mashup

    11 годин тому

    When she said eat it mommy awwwww🥺🥺🥺

  • Ashley Cindut

    Ashley Cindut

    11 годин тому

    Aw... ❤

  • Rachel Aleri

    Rachel Aleri

    11 годин тому

    Watch the Tokyo there always talking about you copping other people and pop star and there bing rude to other people like teenagers

  • Lexi Snow

    Lexi Snow

    12 годин тому

    Imagine stormi and kylie doing this each year

  • fox


    12 годин тому

    fuck u

  • goforkrissy


    12 годин тому

    Stormi is the only content I need rn 🥺

  • Sophie Sophie

    Sophie Sophie

    12 годин тому


  • Victoria walls

    Victoria walls

    12 годин тому